For Academia—Biotech Research and Education

Education and research are major interests of the CBB. Currently, the predoctoral program supports nine fellows. These fellowships provide interdisciplinary research training that focuses on the applications of engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biochemistry, and biology to those areas of research related to biotechnology. Faculties from the physical, engineering, and biological sciences support a curriculum that bridges these disciplines, essential for biotechnology training programs.
  Some examples of the Center’s world-class research are listed below:
Biocatalyst discovery and application including extremophiles, oxygenases, oxidases
Bioremediation including catabolic enzymes and phytoremediation
Biotransformation, biodegradation including aromatic degradation pathways, xenobiotic metabolism
Enzyme catalysis, structure and mechanism including alcohol dehydrogenases, nucleases, thermostable enzymes, dioxygenases, carboxylic acid reductases
Fermentation and bioseparations
Natural product structure, synthesis, function; chemoenzymatic synthesis, biosynthesis; polysaccharides
Protein structure and function, Protein-ligand interactions
Signaling and regulation