Past Affiliated Student's Testimonials

The Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing (CBB) provided me with time, funds, and mentors to develop my research and presentation skills. In addition, the research and leadership experiences that I obtained from the CBB gave me the opportunity to cultivate relationships with multiple students and faculty members from numerous departments at the University of Iowa, as well as visiting speakers. 

 -Joe O’Brien


Through my involvement with the CBB’s training program in biotechnology, I realized my future in the field of biotechnology will be exciting and promising. I have developed relationships with scientists at the CBB through classes, the fellowship program, and presentations which have broadened my perspectives in science. So far, I have presented original research findings funded by the CBB, gained hands-on experience performing industrial fermentation, and learned the fine details of topics ranging from cryogenic electron microscopy to kinetic isotope effects. University of Iowa students have tremendous opportunities within the CBB and should expect it to contribute to the foundation of growing scientists.

-Nicholas Luedtke