Student Members

As a newly sanctioned organized student group, we are in the process of finalizing our student list. 

Samuel Denhartog, Junior, Chemical Engineering

Mikayla Eppert, Junior, Biochemistry

Jessica Ewald, Ph.D. Candidate,  Civil and Environmental Engineering

Daniel Fleming, Senior, Chemical Engineering

Jesse Liszewski, Ph.D. Candidate,  Biomedical Engineering

Nicholas Luedkte, Ph.D. Candidate, Chemistry (Founding Member)

Joseph O'Brien, Ph.D. Candidate, Medicinal and Natural Product Chemistry (Founding Member)

Owen Millers, Junior, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Parham Parniam, Ph.D. Candidate,  Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Megan Polz, Ph.D. Candidate, Chemistry Department

Christopher Ruben, Ph.D. Candidate,  Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Sanjib Saha, Ph.D. Candidate, Pharmaceutics

Evan Schroeder, Ph.D. Candidate, Chemistry Department

Michael Schrodt, Ph.D. Candidate,  Biomedical Engineering