Fellowship Administration

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Leadership Team

Member Title
Robert Kerns, Ph.D. Director/Director of Internships
Mark Arnold, Ph.D. Director of Center for Biocataysis and Bioprocessing


Executive Committee

Mark Arnold, Ph.D. (Chair) Chemistry/ Center for Biocatlaysis and Bioprocessing
Christopher Ahern, Ph D. Biosciences
Robert Kerns, Ph D. Pharmacy-Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry
Tim Mattes, Ph.D. Civil & Environmental Engineering
Eric Nuxoll, Ph.D. Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Michael Schultz, Ph D. Radiology
Maria Spies, Ph.D. Biochemistry
Nicholas Luedtke Trainee
Joseph O'Brien Trainee


External Advisory Board

Board Member Affiliation
Charles Abbas, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor, FSHN, U. of Illinois-CU
Mark A. Behlke, M.D., Ph.D Chief Scientific Officer, Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. 
Peter Mueller, Ph.D. President of R&D and Chief Scientific Officer, Axcella Health, Inc. 
Richard Whitaker, Ph.D Pharma/Biotech Consultant
Debbie Yaver, Ph.D.  Plant Director & Director of of Production Strain Technology, Novozyme, Inc. 
Pam Geyer, Ph.D. Academic Representative