Fellowship Administration

#Leadership Team  #Executive Committee  #External Advisory Board

Leadership Team

Member Title
Robert Kerns, Ph.D. Director/Director of Internships
Mark Arnold, Ph.D. Director of Center for Biocataysis and Bioprocessing


Executive Committee

Mark Arnold, Ph.D. (Chair) Chemistry/ Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing
Christopher Ahern, Ph D. Biosciences
Christopher Cheatum, Ph D. Chemistry
Robert Kerns, Ph D. Pharmacy-Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry
Tim Mattes, Ph.D. Civil & Environmental Engineering
Eric Nuxoll, Ph.D. Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Michael Schultz, Ph D. Radiology
Maria Spies, Ph.D. Biochemistry


External Advisory Board

Board Member Affiliation
Charles Abbas, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor, FSHN, U. of Illinois-CU
Mark A. Behlke, M.D., Ph.D Chief Scientific Officer, Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. 
Peter Mueller, Ph.D. President of R&D and Chief Scientific Officer, Axcella Health, Inc. 
Richard Whitaker, Ph.D Pharma/Biotech Consultant
Debbie Yaver, Ph.D.  Plant Director & Director of of Production Strain Technology, Novozyme, Inc. 
Pam Geyer, Ph.D. Academic Representative