Seed Grant Program

The CBB is pleased to announce a new seed grant program designed to encourage innovative and interdisciplinary research activities in the biocatalytic sciences. This program is supported through a combination of funding from the State of Iowa as well as revenue generated from the Center’s Microbial Fermentation and Bioprocessing Facility.

The objectives of this seed grant program are to: 1) stimulate new federal grants by supporting early-stage research efforts; 2) strengthen graduate programs through interdisciplinary studies; 3) support research teams across disciplines to provide unique approaches for solving long-standing scientific questions; and 4) create interest in submission federally supported center grants.

Biocatalytic Sciences is broadly defined as experimental and computational efforts, both basic and applied, that advance the fundamental understanding and general utility of processes intrinsically dependent upon biocatalytic elements, such as cells, enzymes, RNA, and DNA. Examples include: enzyme mechanisms, biochemical pathways, bioprocess monitoring, molecular biology processes, drug target development, cellular engineering, genetic engineering, metabolomics, transcriptomics, synthetic biology, green manufacturing (fuels, foods, materials), environmental remediation, medicines (vaccines, biologics, medicinal microbiome, genetic correction of diseases), and devices.

Initial Seed Grants Awardees- August 27, 2018-August 26, 2019

Amyloid Proteins with a Role in Animal Development- Jan Fassler, Professor, Department of Biology $35,000

Harnessing gut microbiome-mediated metabolism of the natural isoflavone daidzein to treat breast cancer - Edward Filardo, Professor, Surgical Oncology $35,000

Chemically modified RNA activated matrices for bone regeneration -Aliasger Salem, Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Experimental Therapeutics $35,000