CBB Student Affiliation- in progress

The CBB is working on creating more undergraduate student, graduate student, faculty and CBB interactions. The goal is to have an Affiliation that will be beneficial to the students, faculty and the CBB.  A synergy that will allow the students to take advantage of the resources of the Center and increase campus-wide knowledge of the Center.  

Benefits to Students:

Provide opportunity to learn about the Biotechnology field early in career

Networking, both internally and externally to the University

May provide programs that assist student in future endeavors

Resume builder

Attend/possibly present poster at yearly CBB Conference

Address area's that are not currently being addressed in the University setting

Experience of an industrial environment located here at the University

Use of wet lab to gain hands-on Biotechnology experience

 Benefits to Center:

Encourages the next young scientists to have careers in Biotechnology

Furthers Center's Academic Mission

Increase Faculty involvement with Center

Increase campus-wide knowledge of Center

Learn of the needs of current students not being addressed