Organization Chart

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CBB Organization Chart December 2020


The CBB Executive Committee is composed of representatives from eight university departments. It is the primary policy-making group of the CBB and meets regularly to discuss and advise on budgets as well as research and educational programs. CBB members in their respective departments elect representatives of the Executive Committee annually and they may serve a three-year period or more.

  Current CBB Executive Committee

Faculty Member



Mark Arnold (Chair),
Ph.D., Professor


Chemistry/Director,  Center for Biocatlaysis and Bioprocessing



Christopher Ahern, Ph.D., Professor


Molecular Physics and Biosciences



Jennifer Fiegel, Ph.D., Professor


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering



Robert Kerns, Ph.D., Professor


Pharmaceutical Sciences and Experimental Therapeutics



Michael Schnieders, D.Sc., Associate Professor


Maria Spies, Ph.D., Professor


Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology



Munir Tanas, Ph.D. Associate Professor




  Florence Williams, Ph.D., Assistant Professor






The CBB Advisory Board consists of distinguished academic and industrial scientists representing agrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industry. Board members attend the annual CBB conference to discuss the direction of the Center, its programs, and offer insights into ways the Center can best interact with industries through technology transfer. Board members also recommend topics for the annual conference, and sometimes serve as speakers.

Advisory Board
Board Members Affiliation
Charles Abbas, Ph.D. Founder and CTO at ibiocat
Mark A. Behlke, M.D., Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer, Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.
Peter Mueller, Ph.D.

President and Founder of the Mueller Health Foundation and Chairman of BioXcel Therapeutics, Inc. and Chairman of BioXcell Therapeutics, Inc.

Laura Shawver, Ph.D. President, CEO and Director, Capstan Therapeutics


Past Board Members
  Affiliation - current at time of posting and may not reflect their current position/affiliation
Thomas Binder President, ADM Research Division Archer Daniel Midland Company
Douglas Cameron Chief Scientist, Biotechnology Development Center, Cargill Inc.
Arnold Demain Charles A Dana Research Institute, Drew University, National Academy of SciencesMember
Robert DiCosimo Senior Research Fellow, DuPont Central Research and Development
Mervyn de Souza Director of Technology and Innovation, BioPharma and Savory Flavors, Sensient Technologies
Randolph Greasham Director of Process Research, Merck
Steven J. Gould Chief Scientific Officer, Mera Pharmaceuticals
Lorenz Hasler Senior Project Evaluation Manager, Globial Biological Operations, Lonza AG
T. Kent Kirk Forest Products Fed Res. Labs, Dept Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Member National Academy of Sciences
Hans Leuenberger Deputy Director, Central Research, Hoffmann LaRoche
Ashwin Madia Vice President for Biotechnology research, Cargill
Barry Marrs Director of Biotechnology, Hercules
Ellen L. McCormick Director, Pfizer Global Biologics
Saul Neidleman Neidleman Consulting
Peder Holk Nielsen Corporate Vice president for Enzyme Development & Industrial Biotechnology, Novo Nordisk
Ramesh N. Patel Process Research and Development, Bristol Myers Squibb
Nancy Platt Vice President for Research, Pioneer HiBred
Rolland Poust Director, Pharmaceutical Service, The University of Iowa
Karl Sanford Vice President for Technology Development, Genencor International
Jim Spain Air Force Research Laboratory, MLQL, Tyndall Air Force Base
Mani Subramanian Director, Biotechnology Division, Dow Chemical Company
Tim Tressel Director, Process and Analytical Sciences, Amgen, Inc.
Susan Truesdell Central Research and Development, Pfizer Inc.
Mickey Wells Director, Pharmaceutical Service, The University of Iowa
James F White Senior Research Associate, Engelhard Corporation
Gregg Whited Genencor International
Vincent Witterholt Fellow and Distinguished Scientist, DuPont
Richard Whitaker Pharma/Biotech Consultant
Debbie Yaver  Director, Novozymes, Inc.
Milton Zmijewski

Head, Biocatalysis Research, Eli Lilly