Daniel Roston

DEPT: Chemistry                               

MENTOR(S): Amnon Kohen           
SOURCE(S) OF SUPPORT: CBB/NIH Fellowship, Mentor’s Grants

Hamilton College BA 2007 Chemistry
University of Iowa PHD 2013 Chemistry

A. Lynn Anderson Award for Research Excellence, Outstanding TA Award

5 semesters as TA for the following classes: Organic Chemistry I-II and Physical Chemistry I-II.

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE (prior to entering program):
Undergraduate Research Fellow, Hamilton College; Research Assistant, Columbia University.

Post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Wisconsin Department of Chemistry under the supervision of Professor Qiang Cui. Primary research involves multi-scale simulations of enzymatic processes

University of Wisconsin     Qiang Cui Computational Enzymology  06/2013  06/2013

APPLICATION(S) FOR FUNDING (BUT THIS PROGRAM):                              
NIH F32 Post-doc Fellowship Funded; Project Start date 06/01/2015

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