Director's Message

25th Annual CBB Conference
"Microbial Factories and Biocatalytic Science"

October 17-18, 2016
University of Iowa 
Iowa Memorial Union, Iowa City, IA

Mark Arnold, Ph.D.

The 25th CBB Conference is scheduled for October 17 and 18. As in the past, the conference will be held in the beautiful downtown campus of The University of Iowa.  Attendees will include world-renowned speakers from both outside and within the CBB, representatives from government, industry and academia, as well as students across science disciplines. Graduate students will present oral and poster presentations on a wide array of topics within the scope of Biocatalytic Sciences. The proceedings are conducted within a friendly, open atmosphere to promote discussions and encourage interactions between attendees. 

The dual-theme for this year’s conference is Microbial Factories and Biocatalytic Science.  Microbial factories represent a major source of manufacturing both in the United States and around the world.  Microbial fermentation is central in the production of novel products, including industrial enzymes, food supplements, biotherapeutics, animal health products, and renewal fuels. Research to enhance production yields and overall efficiency of microbial factors is underway as the means to improve manufacturing processes, thereby reducing consumer costs while improving product quality. 

Biocatalytic Science broadly covers basic and applied research that centers on enzymes and their function within an array of scientific disciplines, including: 1) discovery of new enzymes and understanding their mechanism of action at the molecular level, 2) exploration of biochemical and cellular pathways as novel drug targets, 3) design and manufacturing of biotherapeutics, such as vaccines for both human and animal health, 4) developing enzyme-mediated chemical transformations for specialty chemicals, 5) metabolic engineering, 6) directed evolution, 7) genomics, 8) agricultural feedstock utilization, and 9) expression, production and purification of protein products. A small fraction of the rich diversity of research ongoing within academia and industry in the area of Biocatalytic Science will be highlighted in this year’s conference. 

It is my pleasure to welcome all the attendees for this conference and also thank its sponsors.  Mingling and stimulating scientific discussions are encouraged. 


Mark Arnold, Ph.D.


Director; Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing, Office of the Vice President for Research & Economic Development, University of Iowa Research Park, Coralville, IA

Professor and Edwin B. Green Chair in Laser Chemistry, College of Liberal Arts, Department of Chemistry, University of Iowa, Iowa, City , IA