Request Service Now (Service Request Form)

Contract Service Request Form (only takes ~5 minutes to complete): please fill out this form with your contact information, service(s) requesting, and project details (e.g., goals, fermentation scale, expected costs, and any other information that will help us best accommodate your request). Please Note: CBB can only accept projects that use BSL-1, non-spore forming, microbial organisms.

Privacy & Confidential Statement: any information provided in the Contract Service Request Form and all other document will be kept confidential. The information will only be used for communication purposes between the Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing and the client.

CBB has worked with more than 300 different clients since 1996. Several long-term client-CBB collaborations span more than 15 years and involve more than 40 separate projects each. CBB clientele covers the complete range of corporate size from start-up companies to large pharmaceutical companies. CBB has also worked with many universities and institutes. Geographically, CBB has worked with clients from every continent. In the US, most of the CBB clients are from the East and West Coasts.

Here is our service process: After a client's initial service request, our representatives will be in contact to set up an initial consultation (usually via an online meeting platform). Once the client has decided to move forward with our service, the process typically starts with signing the confidential disclosure agreement (CDA). Depending on the project and the services required, CDA may be mutual or one way. CBB prefers to execute its CDA for faster processing. Execution of CDA allows detailed discussion of the project status, project requirements, client expectations, and the client’s awareness of CBB’s capabilities and expertise. After communicating necessary information (through e-mails, phone calls, online meeting platforms), CBB will estimate the project costs based on the requirement of resource commitment and personnel time. A Service Agreement detailing the steps involved in the project, cost for each step, and the estimated time required for completion will be sent to the client for review and signature. 

Please contact CBB with questions by email at or by phone at (319) 335-4900. To request service, please use this Contract Service Request Form.