Research and Process Development (RPD) Facilities



CBB's main laboratory concentrates on research and process development (RPD). The RPD laboratory is 13,000 Sq Ft and operates with the discipline of safe lab practices, standard operating procedures (SOPs), good documentation and well-defined protocols. The CBB RPD laboratory offers gene cloning, clonal selection, state-of-the-art fermentation, downstream purification, bioprocessing and analytical services. All work is performed by experienced, professional full-time staff with expertise in process development.

CBB has a large-capacity multi-tier shakers, in temperature controlled rooms. After the shake flask media optimization, CBB can undertake fermentation process optimization using a suite of eight of 2-liter capacity Biostat-B fermentors or DASGIP system. CBB can provide important and detailed process data in 2-3 iterations at 2-liter scale. The product obtained during this phase is useful for evaluating downstream options.

The optimized processes can then be successfully demonstrated at 10, 30, 100 or 1,000 liter scale. Alternatively, CBB can perform scale down studies too. CBB has the matching downstream equipment for the product recovery at each scale. CBB’s fermentors, including the 1,000 liter fermentor, are equipped with oxygen supplement for high cell density, fed batch fermentations. The fermentors can be used for batch fermentations or fed-batch fermentations with precise measurement of several metabolites or media ingredients. This allows CBB to run complicated processes like DO stat.

Along with E. coli, saccharomyces cererisiae, and Pichia pastoris, CBB has performed 100-liter fermentations using other recombinant systems like Pseudomonas and Hansenula sp.. CBB has also grown diverse microorganisms including anaerobes, yeasts, actinomycetes and filamentous organisms, methanogens, and algal cultures. 

CBB has helped several companies for the development of products for applications in industries including biopharmaceutical (biocatalysts, recombinant proteins and small molecule biotransformations), bioremediation, food and feed, bioinoculants, diagnostics and vaccines, and biofuels. CBB is also involved in the development of novel processes involving reduction in unit operations. A summary of CBB equipment is outlined below.

Click PDF icon cbb_rpd_equipment_list_-2011.pdf for detailed information on CBB's RPD equipment.

Along with the fermentation process development, CBB's RPD laboratory also develops downstream processes. CBB can evaluate the harvest options with AS-26 Sharples centrifuges, Alfa-Laval Disc Stack centrifuge and Tangential Flow Filtration. For the recovery of intracellular products, CBB offers cell breakage using Microfluidizers or DynoMill. CBB also offers a pilot scale Tangential Flow Filtration skid for ultrafiltration or microfiltration to handle large volumes, buffer exhange and purification. CBB is equipped with Akta Purifier, Explorer and Pilot systems with simultaneous monitoring of multiple wavelenghts and conductivity for precise chromotography. CBB can conduct large scale chromatographic purifications in a temperature controlled environment. The purified products are characterized by various electrophoretic methods, bioassays and HPLC, LC/MS.

CBB has the capability for extraction of secondary metabolites by organic solvents and concentration at pilot scale using rotary evaporators. CBB can also implement lab scale spray drying and computer controlled freeze drying for product concentration and recovery. This makes CBB a unique place for reliable process development with highly experienced staff capable of handling a wide variety of technologies for scaling up fermentation-derived products.


CBB RPD facility offers some distinctive advantages for process development. CBB can provide oxygen supplement at 1,000 liter scale to support the high cell density fermentations. Several large capacity tanks- stainless steel and plastic, offer significant holding capacity. The fermentors and centrifuges are connected to dedicated glycol coolant system. CBB has a specially designed extraction area with a walking fume hood for safely handling solvents. The entire fermentation area is HEPA filtered for a cleaner environment.

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