Molecular Biology Services

CBB is now offering Molecular Biology Services complimenting the excellent fermentation and downstream processing services that CBB has offered over the last 15 years. Cloning and expressing one or more genes in various scaleable microbial systems is essential for production of products ranging from small molecules to proteins. With this new service, CBB can offer end to end solution for production of various biological molecules. For many start-up companies, it may be more economical to outsource Molecular Biology Services to CBB.

CBB offers many common molecular biology services:

  • Gene cloning from genomic DNA and cDNA
  • Site directed mutagenesis and error-prone PCR
  • Subcloning a gene of interest into multiple protein expression vectors as desired, including secretion, in common E. coli, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and Pichia pastoris.

    For specialized services in Picha, refer to Picha PDF.

  • DNA, RNA isolation. cDNA, genomic DNA library construction and screening
  • Protein expression, analysis, clonal selection, optimization of protein or metabolite expression, related analytical, quantitation of product yield.
  • CBB can further follow up scale up and product recovery at 2-1000 L scale.

Our experienced technical staff can also perform more complex molecular biology tasks such as:

  • Metabolic engineering
  • Classical strain improvement
  • Bioinformatic services as applied to find homologs or other related information
  • Codon optimization and expression

Please contact us for more information. CBB will look forward to providing more services to our clients.