CBB Offers Course on Upstream Biotechnology Processes-Summer Session 2019

This course entitled Upstream Biotechnology Processes is designed to provide students with hands-on experience in basic
upstream fermentation processes applicable to the biotechnology industry. Basic concepts and general designs of upstream
fermentations will be covered through a series of lectures. The bulk of the course, however, will be spent in the laboratory
where students will have an opportunity to perform a fermentation on a 5-liter scale. All the fundamental steps used within the
fermentation industry will be experienced, including selection of clones, growth of microorganism, monitoring purity of the
culture, and bioassay to document product yield.

The course will be organized as 20% lectures and 80% laboratory experience. This format is designed to broaden student
knowledge and understanding of upstream biotechnology processes while emphasizing practical laboratory experience.

Course Title: Upstream Biotechnology Processes-CHEM:4850:0001-2 Semester Hours

Dates: 07/09/2019-07/26/2019

Meeting Time: T, W, Th, 1:30-4:50 PM

Location: A164 MTF (Lecture) and B145 MTF (Lab), University of Iowa  Research Park (Oakdale Campus)

No Prerequisites: Students majoring in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical and biochemical engineering, biology, microbiology,
and pharmaceutical science with interests in biotechnology are encouraged to take this course.

Topic covered: Hands-on experience with basic cloning, shake-flask growth, and microbial fermentation emphasizing reactor
preparation, inoculation methods, reactor operation and control, product collection, and bioassay.