CBB Supports Iowa Bioscience Development Program

The State of Iowa has recently announced the Iowa Bioscience Development Program as its centerpiece for future economic development efforts. News release from Governor’s office:  https://www.iowaeconomicdevelopment.com/newsDetail/6581   This program revolves around the following four pillars of excellence   https://www.iowaeconomicdevelopment.com/userdocs/news/IABIO_Report_122017.pdf: 1. Bio-based Chemicals, 2. Vaccines & Immuno-therapeutics, 3. Medical Devices, and 4. Precision & Digital Agriculture.  Activities with the CBB align nicely with many of the implementation strategies listed under the Bio-based Chemicals and Vaccines & Immuno-therapeutics pillars, including basic research, bioprocess scale-up, commercial biomanufacturing, phase 1 cGMP biomanufacturing and workforce develop in biotechnolgy.