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Please Note: CBB can only accept projects that use BSL-1, non-spore forming, microbial organisms.

Our major services include:

Upstream Process Development

Cloning/Clonal Selection

Fermentation Optimization (Batch & Fed Batch)

Fermentation Scale-up (2-L, 5-L, 30-L, 75-L, 100-L, and 1,000-L)

BSL-1 Microbial Expression Systems

Downstream Process Development

ÄKTA Purification Systems


Protein Solubilization & Refolding

Multiple Chromatography Techniques

Tangential Flow Filtration

cGMP Manufacturing Services (Phase-1 only)

Cell Banking

Fermentation (30-L to 300-L)

Protein Purification (2 ISO7 clean rooms)

Other Services (available at The University of Iowa)

Fill-Finish Services

Clinical Trials

If you did not see a specific service related to fermentation & protein purification that you need listed here, please contact us via email or phone to discuss our facility’s capabilities to potentially provide the service.