AbbVie Recruiting Seminar

Iowa Memorial Union-Big Ten Theater
AbbVie Recruiting Seminar by Arturo Aguirre on May 10th, 2024 at IMU

As an educational unit under the Office of Vice President for Research (OVPR), the CBB offers multiple opportunities for both students & faculty members. Our CBB & NIH fellowship programs are designed to provide trainings for future professionals with a career goal of entering the biotech industry. One outstanding feature of our fellowship program is the requirement that participants must intern at one of our industry partners. Most of our trainees thus have successfully obtaining industry employment as a result. 

In addition, the CBB aims to enhance the bioeconomy of the area, of the State of Iowa, and of the Nation by providing leadership, facility, and resources to attract biotech professionals, start-ups, & other well-established national or international biotech service providers to the Iowa City-Coralville area. To do so, we have partnered with the Greater Iowa City Inc. to support their many of their initiatives, including the Better Together 2030. The Greater Iowa City Inc. (Greater IC) is a network of business & public sector leaders collaborating on supporting local companies, guide investment, and grow a resilient economy. Because the CBB’s mission strongly aligns with that of the Greater IC, such a partnership is mutually advantageous. 

For Students

Iowa Biotech Training Fellowship

The CBB provides fellowship awards to support predoctoral students conduct their research works leading to their dissertations. 

Two types of fellowship are available: CBB Fellowship and NIH Fellowship, both are awarded for a maximum of two years. Coursework, internship, and other requirements are similar between the two fellowship programs. 

The CBB Executive Committee is responsible for reviewing the fellowship applications. Priority is given to 1st & 2nd year students. 

To be eligible for a fellowship, a student must first be admitted to an associated Ph.D. program at The University of Iowa.

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For Faculty

Seed Grant Program and a CBB Faculty Trainer Program

Our Seed Grant Program is designed to encourage innovative & interdisciplinary research in the Biocatalytic Sciences. Due to limited funding, this Seed Grant Program might not be available every year. An announcement will be made when this program is available. Applicants must be either current tenured or tenure-track faculty of the CBB or of The University of Iowa with an interest in joining the CBB. 

Faculty members are encouraged to apply for membership at the CBB as a faculty trainer. CBB faculty trainers are expected to attend the CBB Annual Conference and encourage their undergraduate & graduate students to participate in the poster competition. 

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