Offering Iowa Biotech Training Fellowships for Pre-doctoral Students

At the Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing, education and research are two major interests. The CBB aims to provide inclusive spaces & a supportive environment for students who wish to pursue a career in the biotech industry to thrive and conduct scholarly research. In addition to administering a predoctoral fellowship program, the CBB also hosts an annual conference.

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To apply for our predoctoral Iowa Biotech Training Fellowship, UI students should visit our Educational Opportunities page.

Offering Services to Industry, Academic, & Governmental Partners

The Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing is a microbial manufacturing facility. We provide a range of fermentation & protein purification services to clients in multiple sectors. Our cGMP production facility, operated by our highly experienced full-time professional staff, is capable of producing protein products for Phase-1 clinical studies. 

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To request fermentation & purification services, please fill out our quick online Client Request Form.

"Did my career with the team before retiring from CBB! Great team and very knowledgeable!"

"I believe that the sense of community and collaboration within CBB is what truly sets it apart. I vividly recall a quote from my first CBB picnic: Once a CBB fellow, always a CBB fellow. This sentiment instantly made me feel that I will always be a part of a supportive network that will continue to aid my academic, personal, and professional advancement."

The Center Has a Three-fold Mission

Biotechnology is technology derived from biology through the application of biochemical principles at the molecular level. The CBB aspires to be a global leader in the advancement of biotechnology as well as to be the centerpiece of biotechnology at the University of Iowa. We are driven by the University of Iowa's core values of creativity, community, excellence, inclusion, and integrity.

The Center's mission is three-fold:

Drive Innovation

By expanding knowledge in the field of biocatalytic sciences through research and scholarly activities

Commercialize Biotechnology

By creating industrial scale bioprocesses for the biomanufacturing of protein products of research and commercial value

Enhance the Bioeconomy

By facilitating education & training, research, and technology transfer activities within the State of Iowa and the Nation

The Center's Overriding Objectives

Our goal is to foster world-class education and training, research and scholarship, and wide-ranging technology transfer activities. To do so, the Center’s overriding objective is to provide:

  • Leadership,
  • Administrative and financial support,
  • Bioprocessing expertise and facilities,
  • A committed university-wide faculty consortium. 

Our Social Responsibility

Because education and research are two major interests of the CBB, we have the responsibilities, as a scientific organization, of contributing to research data dissemination and partaking in educational activities that engage our general public audience. These responsibilities have led us to place an emphasis on science communication.

We see the need of taking on such a social responsibility due to its increasingly visible importance in combating misinformation. As scientific literature can be inaccessible to the general public for reasons such as pricey subscription fees and the excessive use of jargons, this inaccessibility can contribute to the widespread of misinformation, consequentially misinformed decisions. 

For this reason, the CBB aims to have more programs to interact with our general public audience. Our goal is not only to increase the public's awareness of our work, but also to spark an interest in a career in biotechnology among our audience.

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Want to Join the CBB?

Whether you are a professional seeking employment, a student looking for educational & training opportunities, or a faculty member wanting to become a program faculty trainer, we encourage you to explore the various activities & programs available at the CBB on this website. Please click on the tabs below to see current available opportunities.