Where Multiplicity Is Embraced

The CBB is committed to providing a safe environment for all of our staff, students, partners, collaborators, and clients because great things happen when talents from a myriad of backgrounds work together. We do not only aim to ensure representation of different social or collective identities, but also to be a leader in providing multicultural education & training for the future of biotechnology & our bioeconomy. 

We believe in the beauty of our world that comes from the multiplicity of our humanity and the experiential gifts that a vast array of cultural ideologies, languages, and diversabilities has continuously given us. For this very reason, the CBB works continuously to create an inclusive environment, one where all our members are treated with respect and multiplicity is the guiding principle.

We encourage everyone to explore all the services and educational & training opportunities that the CBB has to offer. For prospective students in particular, our Predoctoral Iowa Biotech Fellowship Program is a great opportunity to obtain funding for graduate studies. In addition, the CBB holds an annual conference that includes activities such as poster competition, invited talks from biotech experts, and free food. Come join us!